Excursion in Yeltsin Center

ЕЦ 1

The 1st of February, on Boris Yeltsin`s birthday, students of Preparatory faculty for foreign citizens of the USUE visited «Yeltsin Center» to get know about biography of the first president of Russia. Museum met them with demonstrating history of Russia from its foundation to nowadays in modern interactive way. Then students were told about the president`s life and main parts of his political biography. Each hall of the musiem holds something special! Guys were amazed by its scale and presentation style. Special attention of foreigners was attracted by «Appartment» hall which shows all attributes of soviet and post-soviet period of citizens` life and also «Freedom» hall. Gyus had been taking photos for a long time in the background of exhibitions and sharing everything they saw that day in the museum.ЕЦ 2

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Faculty photo album

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