Since June 20, the admissions committee of the Ural State University of Economics has been accepting applications from applicants. This year there are several important innovations that need to be taken into account when applying to the university. Why do applicants choose USUE? They will talk about it themselves.

Said Suliman from Libya has been living in Russia for five years. And all this time he is a student of USUE. After graduating from the preparatory faculty for foreign citizens, he entered the bachelor's program at the Institute of State, Municipal Administration and Law, and is now undergoing entrance examinations for the master's program in the direction of "Personnel Management". In addition, Said works at the Department of International Cooperation of the Ural State University of Economics, assisting other foreign students in settling into a hostel and adapting to new conditions in the first weeks of their stay in the Urals. “After school, I applied to different universities in different countries. And in the end I chose USUE,” says Said. “Here, in Russia, I have many friends, I do what I like, and if I want, after graduating from my master’s degree, I will return to Libya with a profession in demand.” Said had five brothers and sisters in Libya. The eldest is already working as a doctor, the youngest has recently entered one of the local universities, but the eldest of the sisters, who will soon finish school, according to Said, could well try to enter USUE. We wish Said and his whole family success and good luck in the implementation of life plans!


Kojo Pier, a native of the West African country of Togo, is entering the undergraduate program at USUE in the direction of training “Finance and Credit”. As a child, Kojo dreamed of becoming an engineer. And having matured, he realized that the banking sector was more interesting to him. And he really likes Russia, even the climate: so many new experiences! “Here, in Russia, it is as if my life has begun anew,” says the applicant. - I am 25 years old, I am still young enough to master a new specialty. Thanks to my friends who suggested to me that there is such a university as USUE.”

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